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The tradition of Czech medicine, as well as Czech statehood, grows up from millenary roots. Our Central European position has always stimulated and invited to dialogue and tolerance, but also, regrettably, to dictate and adaptation to.

We want to communicate with you. The draft version of the Czech Brain Injury Consensus is the first consensus that originated within the framework of NCAM Project (National Conferences of Acute Medicine). The purpose of the project is to catalyze cooperation of physicians of various specializations in interdisciplinary topics of acute medicine.

The problematics of brain injuries is an ideal field for interdisciplinary cooperation on which the physicians of different specializations can come to mutual understanding. After necessary introduction which will introduce you into the meaning and use of the standards in medicine you will see the respective proposal of standards of brain injury treatment divided into eight chapters.

It is possible to discuss practically each of the proposed standards. We offer this possibility in a part of the commentary to everyone whose opinions are evidence-based. In further part you will be instructed about necessity of correct citation even from Internet. You can accordingly mention your commentary as a regular citation in your bibliography. If you would like to participate with us in further arrangements of our proposal of standards of brain injury treatment, be sure to let us know.

In a section of our supplement we want mainly to develop the text refering to pathology of brain injuries from morphological as well as physiological or biochemical point of view. The matter is basic knowledge utilizable in the clinic and relevant for our diagnostic, therapeutic and after all organizational considerations.

Vit Marecek, Czech Neurotrauma Consensus Coordinator, is looking forward to cooperation.


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