Commentary 3.5.2.


The role of neurologist during emergency admission of a patient in hospital

Jaroslav Elis

According to my opinion (and my practice) it is suitable and contributive if a neurologist´s examination is performed as soon as in an emergency department. The individual trauma centres certainly have different ways of their own practices. Enough experience of the neurologist with brain injury diagnostics and examination of unconscious patients is nevertheless the necessary condition for such an examination practice.

The presence of the neurologist at primary decision process in emergency room is necessary for:

·  getting valuable data from emergency medical service,

·  getting primary clinical neurological findings for evaluation of the dynamics of the patient´s state,

·  he/she has to be a partner (or opponent) to the neurological surgeon,

·  he/she is and should be able to perform synthesis of clinical findings (more than just GCS and neurosurgical view) with the CT findings.

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Last updated: 2000-08-04